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energy diaghram and ram pumps

Surge Arrestors

Energy surge arrestors are used to help maintain a constant flow of material through our pumps, increasing the life of them, and protecting them from damage from pressure surges. Our surge arrestors also protect the pipework installation the same way, reducing potentially damaging water hammer.

Energy surge arrestors are no more than a piece of upright pipe capped off at the top, they contain no bladders, diaphragms or anything else. Our surge arrestors operate on the theory that a column of air at the top of the surge arrestors acts as a cushion to counteract the pulsed flow characteristics of this type of pump, as the pump draws in and discharges the medium the surge arrestors store some of the fluid and then release it again giving a smoother flow down the pipe (reducing hammer).

Our surge arrestors can also be supplied with pressure gauges, switches or sensors to show the current pressure in the pipework.

The following is a guide as to whether a surge arrestor is required for an installation

Inlet – A surge arrestor is required for any suction pressures greater than 1m or 0.5m if the discharge pressure is greater than 5m head.

Outlet – A surge arrestor is required for discharge heads above 2m and pipework runs longer than 10m.

See below for the styles of surge arrestor we offer