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Technical Data

Technical Data

Within this section of our site we provide information on pumps in general, and some more detail on specific areas of our pumps.  There are also some tools included to help determine the most suitable pump for an application by filling in the specifications which you require.

About Pumps

All about pumps in general and more detail on the type of pumps which we manufacture, the benefits of them and the type of tasks which they are used for.

Energy Valves

Information on our valves and why they have become so successful in the sewage treatment and process industries.

Surge Arrestors

About Surge Arrestors, why they are used on our pumps and the benefits of using them with a pump.

Flow & Pressure Calculator

Use this tool to get an idea of what and pressure you may see in your application by entering details based on your specific requirements.

Pump Selector

If you know the flow & pressure rates already or have got them from the Flow & Pressure Calculator you can enter them here to see which pump best fits the criteria.