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Pipework arrangement guide

Pipework arrangement guide

A good installation is vitally important for getting the most out of your pump. Even the best pumps will struggle with substandard pipework so it really pays to look at the whole picture when looking at an application.

At Energy we can offer assistance with many aspects of the installation process, whether that’s pump size and speed selection or pipework routing. Pipework sizing is also an important aspect of a good installation, many a pump duty has been made more difficult due to undersized pipework being used. The increased energy and spare parts usage on a poor installation can soon make the whole life costs far outweigh any saving on installation costs.

We use pipework modelling data to help select the correct pump for the job, in addition to site data when available. We can also use the latest 3D modelling software to help with pipe layout or to create custom pipework in stainless steel for a perfect fit.

Flooded suction – positive head

This arrangement is one of the most common ones we come across. The inlet duty of the pump is relatively easy as the pump is below the top water line. However due consideration has to be given to maintenance issues because of the positive head on both sides of the pump.

Suction lift – positive head

Another very common arrangement, here the pump is above the top waterline of the inlet tank. Joints and flanges on the inlet pipework must be checked for air tightness as an air leak can lead to the pump loosing its prime or even failing to pump altogether.

Flooded suction – negative head

The composition in this example is a challenging one for our pumps as there is nothing intrinsic in them to prevent flow from the inlet
tank to the outlet. The most common solution is to have a swan-neck arrangement of pipework on the outlet of the pump, with a height above the top water line of the inlet tank, and an
anti-siphon valve at its apex.  However, as a result the required height of the swan-neck may be a barrier to adopting this approach.
Other options for controlling unwanted flow through the pump are actuated valves, or a float valve regulated sump between the source and our pump.

Suction lift – negative head

A swan-neck outlet surge arrestor is used in this arrangement to enable the pump to more readily prime . An Anti-Siphon valve may be required if the outlet is below the top waterline of the inlet tank. Again, flanges on the inlet pipework should be checked for airtightness.