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energy diaghram and ram pumps

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to questions we frequently get asked on this page. If you have any questions that are not covered, please feel free to contact us.

Can you arrange delivery of pumps?

Yes, pumps are sent out using palletised freight, larger deliveries are via hiab or to suit your requirements.

Do you offer a pump installation service?

Unfortunately due to being a small company we are unable to offer this service, however we do offer basic site survey, pump selection and consultancy.
We also work with several install companies who may be able to install pumps on our behalf. Please contact us if you have need of this service.

Can you provide any extras for the pumps?

We are able to supply a full range of accessories for our pumps, including, but not restricted to:

I have a technical question, where can I find more information?

if you have a need for further information, please contact us.

Do the valves suffer from blockages?

The pump non-return valves have been proven to be highly resilient to blockages. The Mallard Bullfrog Valve for example which is commonly used across a range of industries and in both the Diaphragm and Ram Pumps can handle a hard spherical solid of 60mm without blockage.

Can these pumps be run dry?

Both the Ram and Diaphragm Pumps can run dry for short periods without causing damage.

Are the pumps self-priming?

The Ram and Diaphragm Pumps are able to self-prime.

Do the pumps require any surge arrestors (Pulsation dampers)?

Due to the pulsed flow inherent with both Ram and Diaphragm Pumps we would recommend surge arrestors for most applications to help smooth the flow in the pipework, which reduces ‘Water Hammer’. Typically a surge arrestor would be required on both the suction and delivery of the pipework, however there are always exceptions and we are happy to advise.