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energy diaghram and ram pumps

Pump Applications

Here are some example applications for the Energy range of pumps.

Municipal Waste Water

Desludging/sludge transfer of primary, humus and final sedimentation tanks, thickened sludges, RAS and SAS sludges, grit and rag laden sludges, scum waste, digested sludges, thickened filter press sludges, sludges from liquor treatment plants, screen washwater pumps, anaerobic digesters.

Mining Industry

Potash, phosphate, lime, copper, gold, lead, silver, coal wash wastes, filter press feed, sedimentation tank sludge removal.

Food Processing Industry Wastes

Any prepared food wastes on waste water treatment plants, anaerobic digesters.

Meat and Fish Processing Wastes

Poultry processing wastes, abattoir processing wastes, fish processing wastes, anaerobic digesters.


Sand clay, rice hulls and coal dust transfer.

Glass Plants

Sand transfer, ceramic slurry transfer, glass fines waste transfer.

Paper Mills

Green liquor dregs, return/reclaim paper stock, waste sumps, kaolin transfer, clay/carbon/paper wastes, wood fibres/chips from debarking process, anaerobic digesters.

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Waste sludges from processes with heavy metals or latex materials, chemical waste transfer.

Plating Plants

Chemical transfer, chemical wastes, heavy metals waste transfer.

Potable Water

Alum, sludge, lime and filter backwash (charcoal fines).

Power Plants

Fly ash/water transfer, river water, filter press feed, lime slurries (coal and nuclear plants)


A.P.I. separator sludge, tank bottom sludge, waste fuels.


Engine and rail car wash down, grit, grease, mud, oils diesel fuel and toilet waste removal/transfer.

Sand and Gravel Plants

Wash down waste sumps, mild acetic liquid in cleaning of sand for special glass, sand slurry transfer

Soap Manufacturing

Soap wastes, waste sumps.

Steel Mills and Iron Works

Clarifier sludge removal, sludge transfer, iron oxide, coke wastes, boiler room fly ash, lime slurry, acetic wash water sumps.


Acidic wastes with hide, hair and bone particles.

Textile Mills

Waste dye water with fibres and man-made fibres transfer.


Slurry transfer, anaerobic digesters.


Various vegetable, fruit and spent grain wastes, anaerobic digesters.