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energy diaghram and ram pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

Thanks to their simple design, ease of maintenance and robust construction, coupled with favourable whole life costs, our range of diaphragm pumps have a long established heritage within the Wastewater and Waste process industries.

Our pumps are self-priming and are generally fixed speed although variable speed options are available. Flows ranging from 0.2l/s up to 14l/s (≤1m3/hr. up to 50m3/hr.) across the three sizes of diaphragm pump and a maximum working pressure of 2.5 Bar makes them suitable for use across a wide range of applications.

Our Bullfrog non-return valves

Incorporated into each pump are specially designed non-return valves, one on the suction side and one on the delivery side, that are renowned for reliability and for being very difficult to block. At Energy these are referred to as Bullfrog valves. The Maxi diaphragm pump has its own Maxi Bullfrog valve capable of handling solid particles up to 20mm diameter and is commonly used on pipework diameters of 50mm.

Both the Major diaphragm pump and Mastiff diaphragm pump use the same Mallard Bullfrog valve which is capable of handling solid particles up to 60mm diameter and is designed to be used on pipework diameters of between 80mm-150mm typically. The Maxi diaphragm pump is available with 50mm PN16 flange and 50mm hose tail connections. The Major and Mastiff diaphragm pumps are available with 80mm and 100mm PN16 flange connections.

Surge arrestors


Due to the flow characteristics of this pump type we recommend that surge arrestors are fitted to most installations. Surge arrestors reduce water hammer, smooth flow and improve the pumps performance leading to a more efficient installation.

optional Extras


Other ancillary items available with the pumps include anti-condensation heaters, thermistors, over pressure protection, diaphragm failure detection, frost protection covers and other items. Also we can offer single phase motor and diesel drive options across the range. All of the above pump configurations are also available as packaged and/or mobile trailer mounted systems.

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